3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Automotive Carpet

The carpet in your car or truck can impact how your vehicle looks and feels. Although regular maintenance and detailing can increase the longevity of your car or truck’s carpet, at some point it will need to be replaced. How do you know when your vehicle carpet has reached the end of its lifecycle? Read on for signs that your auto carpet needs to be replaced.

1. Stains in the Carpet

Did a texting driver pull out in front of you causing you to swerve, sending your morning cup of coffee flying into your floorboard? Did your toddler decide that the speed bump in the parking lot was the perfect stimulus for regurgitating their carrot baby food all over themselves and the floor? When liquids get spilled on carpet, the stain can spread out beneath the surface of your carpet. While carpet shampooers can remove most of the offending liquid, sometimes the stain can reappear.

Tougher stains such as oil or parking lot asphalt can be much more difficult to remove. As your car carpet ages, stains can become set in. You may find that some stains refuse to fade away. This may be a good indicator that your auto carpet needs to be replaced.

2. Smelly Car(pet)

Another effect of having spills in your car are the smells associated with them. Although you may not mind the smell of your morning coffee or pumpkin spiced latte filling your car’s interior, a less than pleasant baby vomit smell can lead to a long commute. 

Daily use, running errands in rainy weather, and pets can also contribute to a musty-smelling vehicle. When air fresheners stop covering up the smell, it can be time to think about replacing your automotive vehicle’s interior.

3. Visible Wear and Tear on the Carpet

If you log a lot of miles in you car, the repetitive in and out creates wear patterns in your carpet. These start out as matted areas, which eventually frays and wears out over time. As more people are picking up a second job driving for Uber or Lyft, their floorboards become high-traffic areas as passengers enter and exit vehicles. 

Some small tears and rips in the carpet can be fixed; however, for larger areas of carpet wear and tear, or if the padding underneath has lost its form, consider replacing your automotive carpet.

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