Replace Your Factory Carpet with Vinyl Flooring

Extremely popular for commercial and work vehicles, vinyl flooring provides your vehicle with extreme durability and protection.  Construction crews, field engineers, taxi drivers, shuttles, cargo transporters and more regularly rely on our vinyl flooring to keep their vehicle floors in top shape.

If you don't see the vinyl floor option for your vehicle, it's simply because vinyl floors aren't a popular application for your vehicle.  However, we want to help make your project perfect, so if you want vinyl floors, let us know and we'll make it happen with a special order.  We can make any of our molds with the vinyl option.

Important information on our vinyl flooring sets:  Vinyl floorings do not come with a heel pad.  Vinyl is more difficult to install than carpet molds, as the vinyl needs to be worked into form. Vinyl floorings are purposely made with extra material to facilitate an easier installation.  Some trimming will be required.  We recommend installing in ideal temperatures of 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  Installing in colder climates will make the vinyl more difficult to work with.


Vinyl Color Options

Vinyl Black


Vinyl Beige


Vinyl Gray


Vinyl Medium Blue

Medium Blue