Are Rubber Floors the Same as Vinyl Floors?

We get a lot of questions asking if our vinyl automotive flooring replacements are made of the same material as some brand name, heavy-duty floor mats. Read on to see how our complete vinyl flooring replacement is a good option for hard-working vehicles.

Rubber is a naturally derived product, made mainly of latex extracted from a rubber tree. This latex is combined with other organic polymers and water to form a rubber compound used in common, everyday products. Although durable, rubber is more cost-prohibitive to produce, especially on a mass scale.
That brings us to our vinyl flooring products. Vinyl is created with inexpensive polymers, water, and other products through a polymerization process. This process yields a very durable product to protect your vehicle’s floor. Because it’s less expensive to produce, we are able to offer many different vinyl-flooring options for a variety of vehicles.
In addition to the relatively less expensive cost of production, vinyl flooring is highly resistant to many chemicals. High durability and ease of cleaning makes it a great automotive flooring solution for trucks, cargo vans, and freight transport vehicles.
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