How to Install Auto Carpet or Vinyl Flooring in Your Vehicle

  1. Remove new product from box. Check material for accuracy. Lay flat and pop out contours back into place. Allow your new product a few hours to relax back into proper shape.
  2. Compare your new carpet to your old carpet. (Some of our products have excess material on the outer edges, and may require some trimming.
  3. In some applications, you may have to use the old carpet as a template for cutting your new carpet (console, shifter, etc.).
  4. This is the most important step: Fold your new product in half from front to rear. Place the folded product in the vehicle lining up the molded contours to seat risers or any identifiable starting point on both your driver and passenger side.
  5. Roll the product forward making cuts as needed for brackets, shifters, vents, etc. while maintaining proper alignment on your pre-identified starting point.
  6. Make a cut in the center at the firewall to allow the product to go underneath dash.
  7. Continue same procedure for remainder of installation – working your way to outer edges.
  8. Once product is properly fitted, you are now ready to do the final trimmings on the outer edges, seat belts, and holes, etc.