What is Mass Backing?

Upgrade to Mass Backing & Enhance Your Driving Experience

A popular question we get is, “What is Mass Backing?” No, it is not related to a Kickstarter campaign. Mass backing is an exceptional upgrade backing that’s bonded to the back (underside) of your vehicle’s carpet. Made of 45 mil thick Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, mass backing is heat bonded to the back of your standard poly-backed carpet. 

Not only does the overall appearance of your carpet look better with mass backing, but you also get the added benefit of additional sound deadening and heat shield. Road noise is considerably reduced, and your car is more comfortable cruising down the highway.

Each style carpet we offer, whether it has the standard or the upgraded mass backing will wear as long as or outlast your original factory carpet. Mass backing makes your installation process easier, and your vehicle will have a more luxurious look once completely installed.

Mass backing can be applied to any piece of your carpet set that is molded. However, it cannot be applied to “cut and sewn” style carpeting, or any die cut pieces (i.e. flat cargo, flat side panels, etc.). Mass backing is not available for any vinyl flooring option.

Starting in the 1990s, some vehicle manufacturers began to install mass backing as the standard backing. If your vehicle has the factory installed mass backed carpet, we highly recommend the mass backing upgrade when replacing your automotive carpet if you want to continue enjoying the same look and feel of comfort. There is an additional cost with the mass backing upgrade, but it will not take any longer to ship than a standard backed carpet option.

Due to its excellent sound reduction and heat protection, no additional sound deadening material is needed prior to installing your carpet. This upgrade saves you time and money.

If your feet desire something more plush and luxurious, check out our Essex carpet flooring replacement option with the mass backing upgrade. This is the pinnacle of luxury and sound protection in your vehicle. Essex carpet is thicker than our standard cut pile carpet. This deluxe carpet and mass backing combination takes your driving experience to the next level. You’ll find yourself driving barefoot everywhere. 

The ease of installation and cost savings of mass backing means you have an extra hour and an extra tank of gas to enjoy the open road in your car, truck, SUV, or van. In general, mass backing creates a more comfortable, quieter, and cooler interior for an improved driving experience. Contact us if you have any more questions about this upgrade.