Why Should You Replace Your Vehicle's Carpet with Vinyl Flooring

There's a more durable alternative to carpet in your vehicle's interior.

You may not have thought of vinyl as a flooring replacement option for your vehicle, but it could be that long-lasting, durable solution you need. Whether you have a work truck or rugged, off-road 4x4, our superior automotive vinyl flooring provides you with years of long-lasting wear and automotive floor protection.

Our vinyl alloy is a proprietary blend of vinyl, elastomers, and fillers. This creates a tough, durable and easy to clean flooring surface. The calendared flooring surface resists stains and makes any spill easy to wipe up. Vacuum-formed, moldable, and tough, our vinyl is 0.99 mil thick and weighs 0.65-0.76 pounds per square foot. This means you can drop your heavy toolbox or winch and recovery gear in the floorboard without worry of damaging your vehicle’s interior.

Padding is included to match your vehicle’s original flooring, and mass backing is available for even greater sound deadening and heat shielding. Our automotive vinyl flooring meets or exceeds OEM specifications for your vehicle flooring, and is manufactured to fit your vehicle’s specific floor plan, ensuring an easy installation process.

Whether you drive a heavy-duty pickup truck, a rock-crawling 4x4 beast, a utility van, or a taxi cab, consider replacing your automotive carpet with one of our vinyl flooring options for long-lasting and durable interiors.